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Tips and Tricks

Home remedies - good for the environment and the household budget.

We have compiled a small selection of suitable home remedies for you that can be used around your home technology. 

Raw potato peels*

Rub the mixer with raw potato peels, allow to dry a little. Then wipe with a damp cloth and rub dry.

Bathroom fittings


Washing powder*

Sprinkle washing powder in the tub and work on the stains with a damp, soft sponge. Then rinse well with water and wipe with a dry cloth.


Spray the toilet bowl with table vinegar, brush it over and rinse it off.

Toilet bowl

Citric acid*

Mix a dash of citric acid with a bowl of water. Spread the mixture on the wall. Rinse with cold water and / or wipe with a sponge.



Orange peel*

Rub the tiles with orange peel. Then wipe with a damp cloth and rub dry.

* Also test home remedies first on a small area to test for tolerance.

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